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This Is What Your Handwriting Reveals About Your Love Life

It’s early in the morning and I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee. I’ve just scrawled on a piece of paper my to do list for the day, which includes the sign off to the list – “date night”. Hmm, there is so much possibility in those two words (wink wink). But then it struck me – if so much can be insinuated by what I’ve written – what about how I’ve written it? Does my handwriting tell wonders when it comes to what I expect on this date night? What does my handwriting say about me and my expectations when it comes to sex? And what does your handwriting say about you and your love life?

There has been a great deal of research on the subject, you can probably draw some easy conclusions yourself – wild and flowing versus neat and tidy – but does that ring true? What are the things to look for in your own handwriting that tell you about your own preferences in bed? I dare say you will know your preferences anyway – but go with me on this one, it’s an interesting read…

Time to find out…

Let’s start by writing a sentence on a piece of paper. How about, “what does my handwriting say about me?”

Handwriting sample

Let’s Analyse…


The size of your handwriting gives us cues as to how dominant you like to be in the bedroom. Small and mousey, you’re much less likely to pounce on your partner and ravish them. Big and flamboyant, well hello there Dominatrix, nice to meet you… Let’s look a little closer:

Small handwriting –

Whilst it might look neat and tidy in the boardroom, this hints to being much more submissive and perhaps even a little shy in the bedroom. You’re very willing to get stuck in – you would just prefer it when your partner take charge and will happily hand over control.

Average –

It’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that. You’re happy to go with the flow. Some days all you want is for your partner to take control, but there are times when you just can’t stop yourself and take the reins for one hell of a ride. Ultimately, as long as everyone is happy at the end of it (if you catch my drift), you’re easy.

Large handwriting –

You’re definitely the one who holds all the power, and you like it that way. Choosing positions, who is pleasuring who, it’s all in your control – and you love it.

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There is a lot that can be interpreted by a letter profile, from the extravagant swirls of tails to the fine and pointed letter shapes. Here, I’m simply talking about letter formation – specifically focus on your ‘m’s, ‘n’s or ‘h’s to see how you form the humps of the letters themselves. Let’s see:

Rounded –

Let’s switch things up a bit. You never know what you’re going to do next. Flamboyant and creative; you’re happy to go with the flow… From ‘oops I forgot to put on my knickers’ on date night, to sharing sex toys between the sheets. Anything goes.

Pointy –

It’s all about sexual simplicity for you. Forget the bells and whistles, sex is about sex, right? You’re turned on by your partner, pure and simple. Who needs all those unnecessary sex toys anyway, just keep it raw – carnal even.

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Whether you slant or not, letter leaning represents your adventurous side. From the Indiana Joneses of sexual antics, to the nun-like qualities of Maria von Trapp so many of us lean one way or another, but what does it say about you:

Upright –

Upright / Uptight? I’m not saying this is necessarily true, but you are definitely more conservative when it comes to sex. Sex is private and intimate. You have no interest in making it more exotic, it’s just about the two of you connecting.

Slanting Left –

Routine is ok, but adventure calls once in a while and when it does, you’re happy to go with the flow. Excitement is great, but it’s not the be all and end all to your sexual serenity.

Slanting Right –

Time to have some fun. Forget missionary, you’re mercurial. You get bored easily, so you’re always looking for what to do next. New positions, new places… anything goes.

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Do you like it when it’s hot, or do you collapse under pressure? The way you write and just how much pressure you put onto that pen speaks volumes about your animal instincts. Let’s take a look:

Light –

It’s all romance and flowers for you. The art of love making is a fine indeed, and you are the maestro. You shower your partner with delicate kisses, gentle touches whilst looking deeply into their love-struck eyes. This is a special and intimate time, let’s make it feel that way.

Heavy –

You’re no stranger to talking dirty, and when it comes to ‘doing the deed’ – the rougher the better. Spanking, whipping even – nothing is off limits. Safe word… what safe word!? You naughty girl!

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Free flowing or perfectly placed? How you present your words on paper will also give the game away between the sheets – or should I say, who you give the game away to. Time to deep dive into style:

Cursive –

Your free flowing and stylistic writing is as poetic as the art of love making itself. Sex shouldn’t be random, its meaningful for you. You much prefer to have sex with your partner or people you are only interested in for the long term. One-night stands are definitely not your thing.

Printed –

This simple style shows that you see sex exactly for what it is; a carnal instinct that should not be resisted. Sure, you’ve had sex with people that mean a lot, but why can’t it be more than that? You enjoy sex so why not have it whenever and with whomever you please? Friends with benefits, sex with strangers, even one-night stands – it’s all fair game.

lingerie to suit your handwriting style

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So, with that in mind…

Handwriting sample

…I’ll let you decide 😉

…And what does your handwriting say about you?

the secrets of your handwriting revealed

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