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Trust Your Bust – Boob Shapes and Bras – The Ultimate Guide [Infographic]

If you’re a gorgeous gal (like me obvs) then you’d have grown your gazongas and bought your first bra by the time you became a troublesome teen. If however, you’re more of a BReast Appreciator (known to me as a “BRA” if only for the purpose of my inane humour), then I dare say you would have spotted them around the same time too. We’re obsessed. And as an obsessed nation would know, it isn’t a case of one size fits all. So this practical guide will show you how to choose the best bra for your breast shape.

First of all, we all know that to get the best fit, we need to get fitted. Size matters – and knowing yours is the difference between a comfortable boob booster and an ill-fitting item of torture. If you’re reading this hoping to know more about how to make sure your bra fits – then best stop here and read my other guides on how to measure your bra size or checking your bra fits. If however, you wonder how to make the most of your assets and need advice on how to choose the right bra style for your breast type, then look no further and enjoy the read.

Choosing the Best Bra for Your Breast Shape Infographic


Trust Your Bust – Boob Shapes and Bras – The Ultimate Guide (Text Version with Infographic Separates)

Boobs – knockers – honkers – gazongas… Whatever you call them, there’s no avoiding them. Big or small, shapely or shapeless, half of the population have them in some form or another.

So just what is your boob shape, and how can you enhance your assets?

Choosing The Best Bra For Your Breast Shape Introduction

1. Self-Supported

If you are one of the lucky few who has a perky pair and your breasts are in the a-class of self-supporting structures, then I salute you. Not only are your breasts full and round, nipple pointing proud, it is also the most sought-after shape – just ask any cosmetic surgeon.

Go For:
Enjoy the moment, and take your pick of the bra aisle.

Nothing, after all, any bra shape will suit you – you lucky duck!

Choosing The Best Bra For Self Supported Perky Boobs

2. Bell

If your boobs are on the slightly larger side, then sometimes support can be an issue. You may once have had the beautiful self-supporting bosom, but after some time (and probably children) your buxom breast is not what it used to be. Your breasts have settled into a slight bell shape –weight at the bottom, lacking depth at the top – and you can’t help wanting a little lift here or there.

Go for:
Full cup bras. There are some gorgeous choices in the market, but a full cup bra will also give you the much-needed support you crave. Even better, a full cup bra with added side panels can help push your breast forward whilst still maintaining comfort.

Bras without underwire. It may be comfortable, but your shape will lack definition.

Choosing The Best Bra For Bell Shape Large Boobs

3. Wide Set

If your nipples have fallen out with each other and point out to the sides, or if your breasts sit naturally quite wide apart so your cleavage is more of a canyon than a crevice then you have wide set breasts. You have two choices with your cleavage conundrum, push together or leave apart…

Go for:
If pushing together is your choice, then I suggest you choose an underwired demi bra. The shape of this bra will help anchor the sides of your breasts, whilst the underwire will help push your boobs comfortably forwards. A moulded fabric would help shape and definition of your cleavage. If, however you find that the underwire digs in at the sides (where your boobs naturally want to sit), then opt for a triangular shaped, wireless bra that works much more naturally with your own shape.

Balconettes. Your challenge is less about pushing up than pushing in.

Choosing The Best Bra For Wide Set Boobs

4. Conical

Conical breasts have the making of the self-supporters that I mentioned earlier, but as the name suggests, they are more cone-like in appearance. Similar to a bell-shaped breast being more likely on a larger cleavage, conical breasts are more common for the slightly smaller set (say C cup or less).

Go for:
Padded Bras. A padded bra – preferably underwired – will not only help to enhance your shape, but will also help you feel more comfortable. Push ups are also good, and for an extra flirtatious flaunt – why not add a pad or two for a little extra lift?

Full cup bras are your enemy. If your desire is to get a full cup, don’t go for something that is designed for people who have it already. Be wary of balconettes too, unless they come with padding, they are less likely to push up and boost, more likely to make you look a little lack lustre.

Choosing The Best Bra For Small-Boobs

5. Slender

Sometimes being thin is a good thing, but in the case of boobs – not always. A slender boob looks quite slim and long from the front, with nipples pointing downwards. They can almost be tube like in appearance, meaning that fitting into a typical bra size can sometimes be difficult, especially for underwires as they just seem too wide for your breast shape.

Go for:
Push Ups. Not only can a push up bra do a fantastic job in giving you a fuller look but they can be particularly flattering, enhancing your shape. Even better, adding pads to the bra can enhance your assets even more and give you a much fuller shape. Don’t be scared of a plunge bra either, the shape of them will look great and really parade your pair.

Traditional Bras. By this I mean any traditional shape underwired bra or soft cup bras (without underwires). The underwires in a typical bra shape will just not be comfortable whilst bras without underwires would be comfortable but would not give you a great shape at all.

Choosing The Best Bra For Slender or Slim Boobs

6. Full Boobs

If you are lucky enough to have a slightly larger set, which is round and quite supportive, then you have either had surgery, or you are blessed in the bosom department, but full boobs can be uncomfortable in themselves, so support is everything for these beauties.

Go for:
If your full boobs touch in the middle with a nice cleavage, then perhaps opt for a plunge bra to make the most of your shape. If however, your breasts are slightly parted with a wider cleavage, try a balconette bra. It will give you the support you need but will be more comfortable at the sides.

Soft cup bras. A lack of underwire will mean a lack of support. Equally avoid moulded bras unless they are made by a brand that specializes in larger sizes as you will find they will not fit properly, nor give you adequate support.

Choosing The Best Bra For Big-Boobs

7. Asymmetrical

Uneven breast shapes are more common than you might think. In fact, most of the natural boob population will have one breast slightly bigger than the other, but the difference is usually a cup size, absolute max. If you’re asymmetry is greater than a cup size, then you are one of the special few who have asymmetrical breasts. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just how you grew them.

Go for:
Removable Pads. Push up bras that have removable pads are your best friends in this instance, as they can instantly give the effect of a more even breast size. If you feel that you are quite uneven, but not quite asymmetrical, then moulded bras are great for you too, as they will enhance your shaping without the need for additional padding.

Plunge Bras. They will just show off any uneven sizing.

Choosing The Best Bra For Uneven Boobs

Like what you see?

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