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naughty lingerie in the kitchen

How To Know If Your Lingerie Is As Naughty As You

Lingerie, we wear it every day. It ranges from the plain and simple to the utterly sublime. But hiding beneath the covers – if you dare to look – is the all-out scandalous lingerie to die for. It may not be for everyday use (although if it really floats your boat, I’m not going to stop you), but naughty lingerie is certainly here to open some eyelids, get perky and have a lot of fun.

Naughty Lingerie

If you’re new to the naughty lingerie scene – where have you been? From skimpy thongs to full on role play get-up, there is so much to choose from, depending on what you’re comfortable with. However, if you and your partner have never fluttered with salacious and skimpy before, I would politely suggest you avoid a full-on wet look strappy bodysuit complete with handcuffs and whip for your first foray. Find a level of kinkiness that’s right for you and have fun.

naughty lingerie in the bedroom

How naughty are you? – Some questions

So, you’ve decided it’s time to take off the prim and proper and reach for the raunchy. But where to start? To find out where you are on the naughtiness scale, take our fun little quiz to find out…

1) What’s in your Lingerie Drawer?

a. Scrunched up knickers and socks, it’s just underwear after all
b. A few matching sets, I like to flutter with nice lingerie now and again
c. I’m lingerie obsessed, it’s all matching for m
d. A lot of different things, I like to have fun
e. If you dare to look – you’ll probably be shocked 😉

2) What colours are in your Lingerie Drawer?

a. Black, neutral, white – colour???
b. Mostly neutrals, with the odd statement piece
c. Any colour, as long as its matching my outfit
d. Depends on my mood, I can be pastel pink one minute and raunchy red the next
e. Black, red, clear, I like strong colours

3) If you wanted to roleplay, who or what would you be?

a. Roleplay – never!
b. Probably something simple, I suppose it could be fun
c. Either a Stepford wife, or something with a uniform, maybe a French maid or a nurse
d. Anything as long as it turns us on
e. Sexy superhero, matron, dominatrix – anything where I hold the power

4) What do you like most about sex?

a. Embarrassing question, move on please…
b. It’s an intimate time for me and my partner to be together
c. It’s fun, and feels good too
d. I’m game for anything so long as it finishes well
e. Everything, what isn’t there to like?

Naughty lingerie on the sofa

How naughty are you? – The verdict

Time to see where you are on the naughty scale. Think about your answers. What letter did you answer most? Look down below to find your score and what naughty lingerie might work for you…

Mostly As – Nice not Naughty

You see lingerie as a functional item rather than something to enhance your sex life. Why bother with matching sets when no one other than you and your partner see it anyway? Its underwear, and underwear needs to be practical. Period pants are comfy, so why shouldn’t you wear them all the time?

Where to Start?

So naughty lingerie is probably something completely new for you and your partner. But trust me, get it right and it doesn’t have to be embarrassing. It can actually be a lot of fun for you and your partner. Try some simple pieces that aren’t too far removed from what you’re used to…

sweet and simple lingerieDark Blue Lace Bra And Thong Set
Stretch Knit and Lace White Teddy
Fun Navy Polka Dot Cami and Shorts Set
Denim Blue Jersey Bodysuit

Mostly Bs – Fine & Dandy

You like the idea of fancy lingerie, but it’s just not possible all the time. For day to day, you like the comfy approach. You like nice lingerie, but when you know people aren’t going to see it, it doesn’t have to match does it! You have a few nice sets for ‘special occasions’ and it makes you feel great when you wear it. You’re open to the idea of more…

Where to Start…

If you’re open to trying a little lingerie set here or there, then take the time to browse through something a little naughtier. You never know, there might be something right up your street! Try some lingerie sets with cut outs, straps or different styles with body coverage…

nice lingerieBlack Velvet and Lace Strappy Teddy
Fuchsia Floral Trim Bra and Thong
Silky Satin Blue Cowl Neck Chemise
Delicate Black Lace Kimono Robe

Mostly Cs – Prim & Proper

Lingerie is just not lingerie if it doesn’t match. Just because it is under your clothes doesn’t mean to say it shouldn’t look good. The idea of doing a ‘Bridget’ and getting caught short in your ‘fat pants’ is just horrendous. Bra sets, bodysuits and camis, you simply love your luxurious lingerie.

Where to Start…

There is a fine line between luxurious and lascivious, so have fun crossing over to the dark side for a while. You’re already comfortable with trying new lingerie, why not look to your usual styles, with a kinky twist? Try something like these…

prim and proper lingerieRed Bad Intentions Fishnet Dress
Strappy Sheer Black Mesh Corset
Red Lace Up Back Halter Corset
Maid Garter Chemise Set

Mostly Ds – Fun & Flirty

Lingerie is all about the sex appeal, right? You can have so much fun with lingerie, and why shouldn’t you? You’re open to anything and will try the lot. You’re confident in your skin and in front of your partner. Whether you’re at work, at home, or on a night out with friends or a date – having a sexy piece of lingerie lurking underneath is your way of saying, ‘this is me’.

Where to Start…

You’re not a stranger to trying something new, so why not push the boat out. Wet look styles and straps would look great on you. You never know, you may even stumble across your inner dominatrix! Try these strappy styles…

fun and flirty lingeriePink Strappy Open Cup Garter Teddy
Elastic Body Harness and Fishnet Bodystocking
Red 4 Piece Peek A Boo Bra Set
French Maid Wet Look Bra Set

Mostly Es – Strong & Sassy

Wonder Woman move over, there’s a new super hero in town. You’re powerful, independent and use lingerie as a great way to express your femininity and strength. You don’t need other people to make you feel good about you. You can do that very well for yourself, but why not have some fun in the process.

Where to Start…

Anastasia has nothing on you; you’re open to anything. Your tool kit of naughty lingerie is ever growing, kinky even! Check out your own personal 50 shades of lingerie and enjoy.  Here’s a few from our kinky lingerie collection that you might like…

powerful lingerieStrappy Elastic Collared Teddy
French Maid Roleplay Set
Faux Leather Buckle Front Halter Chemise
Bondage Lace Lingerie Set

So there you have it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already feeling naughtier than when you started to read this.


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