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how to wear a catsuit

How To Be Sexy In A Catsuit – The Ultimate Guide

The catsuit is synonymous with all things sassy. Ever since Catwoman strutted her sexy stuff on our screens, women have donned these sexy one-pieces for many a sultry occasion. These leg lengthening, tummy tightening, bum busting onesies are uber sexy when it comes to confident women putting themselves out there. Get it right and you’ll become the feisty feline with dogs crawling at your feet but get it wrong and you’ll be reaching for that full-length pack-a-mac before you can say ‘VPL’.  Here’s how to wear a catsuit and get it right.

Why choose a catsuit?

It wasn’t that long ago when a catsuit was simply a fantasy bedroom getup, perfect for role play or suggestive movie characters. But these days catsuits range from salacious to sensible and everything in between. From dancers and gymnasts, to clubbers in Ibiza, even the dominatrix with her whip, a catsuit certainly appears to have it all on offer. One thing is for sure, if you are comfortable in your own skin, then a catsuit is most certainly an option for you to explore.

But with so many catsuits on offer, precisely which outfit do you choose for what occasion?

woman wearing black catsuit

Choosing the right catsuit


Some catsuits are designed for aerobics and sports, others for clubbing and parties but, of course, you can’t forget the more erotic styles designed for fun and fantasies. It is all very well thinking you can have free reign on your selection, but you’re hardly going to turn up in a rubber catsuit and chains to your gym class now are you! Selecting the right catsuit can prove to be quite an experience in itself, and there are many pitfalls to avoid if you want to do it right. Be sure to look to the choice of styles, materials, colours and details, and don’t be afraid to purchase more than one to try at home before you make up your mind.

catsuit collection 1Leather and Lace Bodysuit 
Black Wet Look Catchy Jumpsuit
Sheer Black Zip Through Jumpsuit
Black Cut Out Racerback Catsuit


When you’re looking for your catsuit, you will most likely already know how you intend to use it, and this makes material selection all the easier. Sports and gymwear: look to nylon, lycra or blended materials as it is all about movement, comfort and support. If you’re more interested in all things erotic and exciting, then perhaps a wet-look, latex, PVC or a leatherette fabric would be better choices. Going Clubbing? This one’s back on you. Your options are pretty-much limitless depending on how much or little you want on show so have fun window shopping.

catsuit collection 2Front Lacing Black Wet Look Catsuit
Red Wet Look Cutaway Jumpsuit
Leopard Catsuit Cougar Costume
Black Stretch Unitard Catsuit

How to wear a catsuit

You’ve chosen the outfit; you’ve dared to pop it into your basket and here it is waiting to be worn. But, just how do you get it on? And what else do I need to know?

How to put on your catsuit

  1. First things first, in order to get it on, you have to get other things off! Remove all jewellery and pointy items that might snag on the outfit as you’re pulling it on. Better be safe than sorry, so all rings, watches etc must go.
  2. If you have long nails, try your best not to use the ends of your fingers whilst applying pressure to pull the catsuit over your body. You don’t want an unnecessary snag or scratch in the material, especially if it is latex, leather or any wetlook style
  3. Just like a pair of tights, gather up one of the legs and pop your foot inside. As you pull the leg up toward your thigh, pay careful attention to the seam to ensure it runs straight and doesn’t twist. Do it again with the other leg.
  4. Once you have the legs in and the seams are nice and straight, continue to pull the suit up and over your bum to your waistline. Take some time making sure your seams are all inline and you have smoothed out the material with the palms of your hands and fingers (again, don’t use your nails).
  5. Happy so far? Continue to pull the top of your suit up to your chest and insert one arm. Check everything is correctly in place, again seams are straight and there are no twists or bumps that need fixing.
  6. Pull the top over the shoulder of that first arm, and time to move onto the second arm. Do the same checks for unsightly lumps, bumps and twists and then pop the top over that second shoulder.
  7. Time for the catsuit wriggle. Adjust your stance; bend and stretch until you feel like the catsuit is sitting well on your body, then do up the fastenings.
  8. One last check in the mirror and you should be hot to trot.

For latex or rubber or styles, try rubbing your body with a little silicone oil to help the catsuit slip into place.

catsuit collection 3Wet Look Faux Lace Up Catsuit 
Black Cutout Open Back Halter Catsuit
Wet Look Black Cut Out Catsuit
Black Wet Look Lace Up Catsuit

Completing your look…

Like many other outfits, wearing a catsuit can be a real turn on when you know how. So here are three quick tips to perfecting your feline form…

1. Underwear

With a catsuit, there really is very little left to the imagination. Whilst there is some support in the material, ensuring a smooth and sleek look is critical if you want to look sexy. No one wants a VPL, so be sure to choose seamless panty styles, or better still, have the confidence to go commando.

2. Accessories

If you’re dressing to impress, the accessories can be every bit as important as the catsuit itself. Out and about? Don’t forget your heels! Catsuits can be naturally leg-lengthening but give yourself an extra lift with some slim stilettos. Equally, don’t be afraid to add something a little more to your outfit. Going clubbing – a big statement bow can add some real Eighties flair. Naughty night in – how about an ethereal mask or handcuffs and chains? Think about how you can change your outfit up with the simplest of accessories and have fun.

3. Confidence

There’s one more thing that is an absolute must when it comes to how to wear a catsuit and how to be sexy in it. That one thing is confidence. An outfit like this needs to step out in style, not to hide away in the shadows. Own the look, sex it up and walk like you’re Catwoman herself.

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