Juicy Bits - Halloween

The Best Marvel-lous Catsuits – Sexy, Powerful and Mysterious
All female comic characters are hot as hell, it’s in their DNA. The waist is cinched in, the legs are well toned and oh-so-long, the bum is pert, the boobs are perfect (too perfect) and all of this is wrapped in a skin tight catsuit, long flowing hair and finished off with a touch of mystery and a whopping great pinch of power – super power! Powerful, confident and uber sexy, they are everything men dream of, and secretly what we wish we could be. What would your secret super power be? Here are my top 5 sexiest superheroes to inspire you.
The Best Princess Lingerie To Make Your Special Wishes Come True
Imagination is a wonderful thing. With the right cogs whirring away between the ears, you can dream up any scenario. And when it comes to lingerie, that’s very handy. For instance, most of us like being treated like a princess – a bit of finery, a bit of romance, a pretty outfit and a fairy tale story. Well fear not, choose some princess lingerie and immerse yourself in your fairy tale fantasy. It’s up to you how much you reveal.
Halloween Makeup Ideas – How to do a Sexy Yet Scary Look
Halloween: the time of all things dark and ghoulish. Time for avantgarde costumes and eerie outfits. But what outfit would be complete without the perfect scary Halloween makeup? Imagine a witch without a wart or that classic green skin, or a clown without that face – it just wouldn’t be the same. During October, Halloween makeup ideas are everywhere so we're going to focus on how to create a sexy yet scary look.
Magic Wanda – A Surprising Halloween Romance And Passion
It was a promising evening to celebrate Halloween: the darkening sky with its dark clouds loomed darkly over the town. There was a full moon peeking through the clouds, and as the nights were drawing in and outside activities were limited, there were increasing full moons indoors as well. On such a night, Halloween romance was just a spell away. Wanda was finishing her costume for the party....
Be Naughty – The Best Slutty Halloween Costumes For You
Who said Halloween's got to be spooky? If you have a naughty bone in your body (of course you do!) then All Hallows Eve can also be the perfect excuse to be a little bit slutty. And luckily for you, there are plenty of Halloween outfits to fit the bill. Here’s a handy top ten list of slutty Halloween costumes and accessories to get the heart rate going. Go on – free your naughty side!
Spotlight on the Top 25 Sensational Space Babes From Outer Space
Looking back through the Sci Fi films and TV series of the 20th Century, we kind of expected mankind to be nipping about the galaxy in spacey versions of your average family car by now. Alas, most of us are still on terra firma. But at least we now have over 100 years worth of scintillating sci-fi to console ourselves with. Popular culture is obsessed with space and when the two meet, it seems that red hot sci fi babes are always a bonus by-product. From Barbarella to Seven of Nine, let’s take a look at the top 25 Space Babes From Outer Space.
An Inspiring Guide to the Best Halloween Costume Ideas
Now the nights are drawing in, it's really starting to feel like Autumn. Halloween looms ever closer. Whether or not you like a little trick or treating, there is always time for some fun when it comes to Halloween costumes. Maybe you have a Halloween party already booked, or perhaps you are just looking for a little seasonal fun between the sheets. Either way, it's time to get your thinking hat on, check out the best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017 and find that perfect outfit for your Halloween party.
DIY Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Stand Out
Let’s face it, the Brits used to be a bit rubbish at Halloween. Back in the day, the girls tended to be draped in some variation of a flammable witch’s dress, whereas boys found themselves adorned with a corner shop monster mask. Bob’s your uncle, trick or treating here I come! Halloween is now a far slicker operation with costumes just as likely to be kinky as scary. One thing that hasn't changed is the fun you can have making your own DIY Halloween costumes.