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How To Be Wrapped For Fun At Christmas
Its Christmastime, you’re probably well on your way to finishing your present shopping and the decorations are up. But perhaps you’ve overlooked the one most special, amazing present that you can offer your loved one – yourself! Why not wrap yourself in something special this festive season? The big and beautiful bow is a definite statement piece, “hey lover, come and unwrap me”. So, if you’re looking for that one tempting piece this season, get wrapped up in one of these bow-tiful items…
Sex Survey Reveals – We Love To Be Naughty At Christmas
Well the weather outside is frightful but according to our exclusive sex survey, things get very frisky in the bedroom (and wherever you like!) in the run up to Christmas. Not only did respondents tell us when they had enjoyed the most sex, it turns out that that December sex fans are more likely to take more time over it and to go about it in rather naughty ways. It appears to be a lot more fun being on Santa's naughty list…
You’ll Love My Ultimate 12 Naughty Nights Of Christmas
I don’t know about you, but I for one am really looking forward to Christmas. The gifts under the tree, the unwrapping of presents, the excitement! This got me thinking… what if all my Christmases could come at once? What if, I was given the perfect 12 naughty nights of Christmas!? Well my dear reader, enjoy my 12 Naughty Nights Of Christmas...
How To Be Fabulous In Fur Trimmed Festive Lingerie
Ever since the good old days of sitting on Santa’s knee, there is nothing that quite says ‘Christmas’ more than a little fur contrasting with luxurious red. It’s the ho-ho-holy grail of all things festive. If you fancy adding a little winter spice to your festive tickle this season, why not wrap yourself up in one of these ultimate festive lingerie concoctions? From a simple stocking to tantalising teddies. Just don’t wear it in front of the Elves… Here’s my top 10 ten ways to be fabulously festive this Christmas.
Celebrating 100 Years of Provocative Christmas Pin Ups
Never make the mistake of thinking of historical times as being more innocent. It seems the further you go back in time, the naughtier the world was. Cheeky, naughty, postcards were all the rage once photography turned up in the 19th century. The movies led to the age of the Hollywood stars and starlets and, of course, celebrity pinup pictures were sure to follow. Here we celebrate over 100 years of Christmas pin ups. Enjoy!
The Best Christmas Stockings And Tights For Festive Legs
It’s Christmas time, the decorations are up, and Santa and his elves are busily preparing presents for under the tree. But if you are more interested in some salacious Christmas stockings and cute Christmas tights than the garishly over-sized ones hanging by the fire – you’re in for a real treat. For the ultimate in seasonal sexiness, festive stockings are a must. From elfish to audacious, saucy to down-right sexy – your choice of perfect pantyhose is pretty much endless. Have fun choosing yours.
‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore and Henry Livingston Jr. – whoever wrote The Night Before Christmas poem, I just couldn't help myself. Have a read - and a giggle. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Two people were stirring, and off came a blouse. The stockings were thrown by the chimney with care, As Mr and Mrs Claus lay by the fire all bare.....
The Best Naughty Girl Lingerie For Christmas Night Treats
Baby its cold outside. Christmas is here, and what better time to leave your stockings by the fire and get your bells really jingling with some festive lingerie. To really turn up the heat at home when the nights draw in, look no further than Sparkling Strawberry for the ultimate selection of naughty Christmas lingerie. Christmas night treats to add a little sparkle for a truly flirtatious festive season.
How to Host the Best Christmas Party
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Christmas Lingerie Buying Guide
If you’re purely looking to buy some nice lingerie, either for yourself or your partner, then perhaps our lovely Lingerie Buying Guides will give you the best advice (links to these are at the bottom of this article). However, if you are wanting to put the spice back into the mulled wine of life this festive season, then read on through our Christmas Lingerie Buying Guide.
The Great Turn On
It was a clear night. Inky dark sky. Stars twinkling in an obligingly picturesque fashion, just as anyone could have[...]