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Slutty Halloween Costumes for Ladies

Be Naughty – The Best Slutty Halloween Costumes For You

Who said Halloween just has to be spooky? If you have a naughty bone in your body (of course you do!) then All Hallows Eve can also be the perfect excuse to be a little bit slutty. And luckily for you, these days plenty of Halloween outfits fit the bill. Here’s a handy top ten list of slutty Halloween costumes to get the heart rate going:

Wild Witches

There’s nothing wrong with adding a drop of ‘salacious’ to your Halloween potion this year. And a vixen witch would work perfectly. Hubble bubble toil and trouble – notch up the hem line at the double!

Slutty Halloween Witch Costume

Vampy Vampires

I vant to drink your blaaad! OK, don’t worry about that bit – you can stick to a G&T if you prefer, but if you’re angling towards the utterly slutty, then a vamp or vampire creation is a stunning idea. Don’t worry about the full-on Victoria cover-up – in fact, that’s not allowed!

Slutty Halloween Vamp Costume

Erotic Uniforms

There’s nothing quite as slutty as taking a uniform and making it uber sexy. The world is your oyster this Halloween, from a ‘come hither nurse’ creation to a sultry cop who’s very keen to take down your particulars.

Slutty Halloween Cop Costume

Sexy Spooky

Who says spooky can’t be sexy? Why not push up those boobs for all they’re worth and go for a gothic sex goddess extraordinare?

Slutty Halloween Vamp Dress

Fiery Little Devil

How about a hot hot hot take on a traditional Halloween theme? Give the devil theme an unbelievably sexy twist by sticking to the old adage that ‘less is more’ – a lot more.

Slutty Halloween Devil Outfit

Fur-trimmed Flirtations

Who knew you could cross a muppet with a sex goddess and get something quite so ravishing? If you have a liking for blending fun and sexy together, then how about a bit of fur? Not much else is required…

Fur Trimmed Slutty Halloween Outfit

Zestful Zombies

There are some super sexy ways to channel that ‘day of the dead’ look. You can go for a short skirted ensemble, with fabulous make-up, or maybe a jump suit, that rocks the zombie theme but shows off every beautiful curve you possess.

Slutty Halloween Zombie Costume

Sultry Storybook

We all love a good fairytale and when you can blend a storybook creation with a smoking hot Halloween babe, then you really may be on to something. One popular little madam in this genre is the Queen of Hearts – but as vampy as you’ve ever seen her.

Slutty Halloween Queen of Hearts Costume

Animal Magnetism

Where would a slutty Halloween witch be without her equally slutty familiar? A Halloween cat is a pretty standard choice for this time of year, but when you notch up the raunchy, you’ll be wearing a truly memorable outfit.

Slutty Halloween Black Cat Costume


Perhaps you only want to hint at sexy or slutty Halloween this year. Well fear not – a small but effective accessory could be all you need. A flirty nun’s habit might do the trick, or perhaps some Halloween themed stockings? And if you’re going all out slutty with a generic black outfit, then perhaps some cute cat ears will add cheeky a Halloween touch?

nun habbit

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