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woman wearing beautiful babydoll lingerie

All You Need To Know About Beautiful Babydolls

From the chiffon garments of the prim and proper housewives of the 1950s to the seductive babydoll lingerie of today; babydolls have definitely had their time in the lingerie historical hall of fame. Ranging from the perfectly practical post-war sleepwear (created as a response to a shortage of material) to the full-on hot lingerie collections of today that would make even the strongest weak at the knees. These days the babydoll can be all things to all gals. Comfortable enough to sleep in yet sexy enough to prevent it (the sleep that is!).

The babydoll is synonymous with lingerie luxury, and why shouldn’t it be. This skimpy dress of seduction has well and truly earnt its place within raunchy royalty for being one of the most versatile and multi-use garments you could pop into your little drawers of delight.

But why are babydolls so great?

Ultimately, it comes down to versatility. Whether you’re after a comfortable summer night gown, a wonderful wedding night or a sexy number to have a little fun in – beautiful babydolls can truly be all things to all women. Not only that, but you can guarantee whenever you pop one onto your beautiful bod – you’ll leave your partner panting and week at the knees.

Seriously seductive

It’s true, the babydoll is a serious piece of kit in your armoury of seduction. Whether you’re looking for a frilly number in pastel pink, or an all-out raunchy red outfit to romp in; the overall look is super feminine, figure flattering and utterly fabulous.

Romantic Babydolls

For a romantic night in: ravish in sheer luxury with something floaty and feminine…

Romantic Babydolls

Burgundy Satin Flared Babydoll Set
Red Lace & Diamante Babydoll Set
Plum Sheer Mesh Babydoll Set
Sheer Lace Black Babydoll Set

Mid-Summer Babydolls

On a hot mid summer’s eve: a floaty and fanciful babydoll is cool and comfy…

Summer babydolls

Sheer Black Babydoll And Panties
Light Blue Mesh and Lace Babydoll
Black Sheer Lace Up Babydoll Set
Vintage Pink Lace Up Babydoll Set

Hot & Spicy Babydolls

Feeling hot and spicy: choose a babydoll fit for purpose; one that that reveals and teases…

Wet Look Babydolls

Black Wet Look Multi Way Babydoll
Mesh and Wet Look Babydoll
Black Wet Look Open Back Babydoll
French Maid Wet Look Babydoll

Wedding Night Babydolls

Forget the wedding dress, for the ultimate bridal outfit, turn to a virginal babydoll to really help seal the deal on your first night…

Wedding Night Babydolls

White Heart Mesh Pearl Babydoll Set
White Floral Lace Babydoll Set
Etheria White Embroidered Babydoll
Delicate White Lace Tie Front Babydoll

How to choose the right babydoll?

It’s true, there really is a babydoll to suit every intimate situation. You just have to know what you’re looking for. One of the main reasons why babydolls are so popular is because they truly do suit every body shape. It doesn’t matter whether you are a sleek and slender size 6, or a buxom and bountiful plus size. You can be sure to find a babydoll which flatters your features, whilst hiding any lumps and bumps you’re not so comfortable with.

plus size babydolls

Plus Size Black Seductress Babydoll Set
Plus Size High Neck Red Lace Babydoll
Black Plus Size High Neck Cut Out Babydoll Set
Plus Size Wondrous Fuchsia Babydoll Set

Sparkling Strawberry has a fantastic ranges of babydolls and plus size babydolls for you to choose from. So you can scroll, click and purchase at your leisure, making sure you find the right choice for you.

Refine your search…

  1. Think about its purpose. You’re hardly going to want a steamy night in looking like the girl next door or a virginal bride to be. Equally, if you’re wanting a babydoll for romantic loungewear, I would politely suggest you avoid outfits where you’re letting it all hang out.
  2. Filter by size. There are so many size options to choose from. You can easily select the size you’re looking for and have fun with the plethora of beautiful babydolls available to you. Then you don’t have to worry about if they have it in your size, its already done for you.
  3. What do you want on show? Everybody has parts of the body the like and dislike. Babydolls are great as they flaunt what you want to flaunt and hide the rest. Don’t like your tum, choose a fully fronted dress; not keen on your bum, you can get that covered. Not a fan of your boobs, look for a high topped or halter neck style.

It really couldn’t be simpler as long as take the time to think about how it would look on you.

A babydoll for any occasion…

It’s perfectly clear that babydolls are probably some of the most adaptable lingerie pieces out there, but each are fit for their own purpose, so it’s probably worthwhile having more than one to suit your needs. They fold up to next to nothing anyway, so they are certainly not going to fill up your lingerie drawer overnight.

Talking of overnight, a babydoll is a definite must have for the bedroom. From fanciful parties with your girlfriends, to salacious sessions with your lover, the babydoll is fit for a princess. It’s super comfortable, super feminine and utterly divine.

When you’re in bed it will feel like a second skin draping luxuriously over your skin but will slip off in a nanosecond should the need arise.

Whatever the reason, a beautiful babydoll will make you feel fabulous, lover or not.

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