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purple lace lingerie

How To Choose The Best Lace Lingerie For You

Lace is a truly wonderful thing. Lace Lingerie encompasses everything from feminine and frilly, to beautiful and bridal, even sexy and seductive. The one thing it guarantees is luxury. Originally made by hand, the laborious process made lace an extravagant status symbol only available to the wealthiest of people. Today, its sheer and detailed textures give an elegance to any modern look. Available in any colour, any style and more importantly, for anyone to enjoy. Here’s some tips on choosing the best lace lingerie for you.

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how to wear a catsuit

How To Be Sexy In A Catsuit – The Ultimate Guide

The catsuit is synonymous with all things sassy. Ever since Catwoman strutted her sexy stuff on our screens, women have donned these sexy one-pieces for many a sultry occasion. These leg lengthening, tummy tightening, bum busting onesies are uber sexy when it comes to confident women putting themselves out there. Get it right and you’ll become the feisty feline with dogs crawling at your feet but get it wrong and you’ll be reaching for that full-length pack-a-mac before you can say ‘VPL’. Here’s how to wear a catsuit and get it right.

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naughty lingerie in the kitchen

How To Know If Your Lingerie Is As Naughty As You

Lingerie, we wear it every day. It ranges from the plain and simple to the utterly sublime. But hiding beneath the covers – if you dare to look – is the all-out scandalous, naughty lingerie to die for. It may not be for everyday use (although if it really floats your boat, I’m not going to stop you), but naughty lingerie is certainly here to open some eyelids, get perky and have a lot of fun. It’s time to see where you are on our naughtiness scale and whether you have the naughty lingerie to match. Answer these 4 questions to find out.

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woman wearing beautiful babydoll lingerie

All You Need To Know About Beautiful Babydolls

From the chiffon garments of the prim and proper housewives of the 1950s to the seductive and erotic lingerie of today; babydolls have rightly earned their place in the lingerie hall of fame. Comfortable enough to sleep in yet sexy enough to prevent it (the sleep that is!). The babydoll is synonymous with lingerie luxury, and why shouldn’t it be. This skimpy dress of seduction is one of the most versatile and multi-use garments you could pop into your little drawers of delight. Here’s my guide to choosing the perfect babydoll for you.

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Perfect Bridal Lingerie

Top 10 Tips – How To Choose The Best Bridal Lingerie

I still remember the day I got married. The amazing dress, the killer shoes, the feeling that this was truly the best day of my life. I also remember the lack lustre knickers I was wearing – hardly the best bridal lingerie. I just hadn’t given it a thought. I wish I had given it a thought. I wish I had prepared. Just spending a little time to shop around would have turned that feeling of ‘oh crikey’ into ‘oooh baby’ on the wedding night. So, to stop you making the same mistake, I have come up with a list of 10 steps you should follow to ensure you have the perfect bridal lingerie for your big day.

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woman's handwriting

This Is What Your Handwriting Reveals About Your Love Life

It’s early in the morning and I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee. I’ve just scrawled on a piece of paper my to do list for the day, which includes the sign off to the list – “date night”. Hmm, there is so much possibility in those two words (wink wink). But then it struck me – if so much can be insinuated by what I’ve written – what about how I’ve written it? Does my handwriting tell wonders when it comes to what I expect on this date night? And what does your handwriting say about you and about your love life?

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get your size right

How To Choose The Right Lingerie For Your Body Size

We all know that impish phrase – ‘size matters’ – but in the case of lingerie, it totally does. There is nothing like an ill-fitting garment to really turn the temperature down when all you want is for it to get hot, hot, hot! So, what are the things to look for when choosing the right lingerie for your body size? What are the must buys and where are the no-goes? How can lingerie turn you from plain and simple to sexy and seductive? Well, hopefully I can help you there a little.

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woman wearing a strappy bodysuit

How To Look Your Best In Strappy Lingerie

Strappy lingerie has become the essence of all things fashionable and fabulous in the lingerie world and isn’t set to lose its place as princess of provocation any time soon. If you haven’t taken your place in the strappy kingdom yet – you should. But if you’re serious about strappy – what are the steps you can take to ensure you look flawless and fabulous rather than foul and flabby? Here’s my tips on how to wear strappy lingerie – from choosing the right style to making sure you’re wearing it to best effect.

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happy New Year 2019

Love, Life and Lingerie – New Year Resolutions for 2019

Here we are, the end of another year and looking to the exciting times ahead, ever hopeful that this next year will be every bit as good – if not better – than the one just gone. But what will it include? Will the stars align, and fate be kind? Can we take matters into our own hands and do something to turn 2019 into the year of all years? New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be massive, unattainable challenges where we’re set to fail. So, from love, to life – and to lingerie, here are some of my favourite New Year’s resolutions you can think about to make your 2019 even more special.

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woman weaing a red bow

How To Be Wrapped For Fun At Christmas

Its Christmastime, you’re probably well on your way to finishing your present shopping and the decorations are up. But perhaps you’ve overlooked the one most special, amazing present that you can offer your loved one – yourself! Why not wrap yourself in something special this festive season? The big and beautiful bow is a definite statement piece, “hey lover, come and unwrap me”. So, if you’re looking for that one tempting piece this season, get wrapped up in one of these bow-tiful items…

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