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Things to do on Valentine's day

10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

You may be someone who embraces Valentine’s Day with the enthusiasm and passion of a bargain hunter at the Boxing Day sales; or perhaps you’re more circumspect – maybe even surly – about the idea of this annual love-in. Whatever your stance, Valentine’s Day is at the very least a little niggle that pops up in your brain. At most it’s a pressure-on, all singing all dancing ‘let’s have a festival of love’ occasion to be planned to precision. So, what to do on Valentine’s day? Here’s a list of ten things to do on Valentine’s day – to whet your appetite and get you started.

Valentines day treats

If you have an other half, or you quite like the look of someone (not in a stalky, creepy way – just a ‘he/she looks nice, I might let them know someone’s interested’ way), then chances are you’ll be looking to mark Valentine’s in some way or another. Let’s pick our way through a few things to do on Valentine’s day options. These are mix and match suggestions so choose one or choose a few.

1) It’s the card – of course!

Get a card, for goodness sake, if you want to in any way acknowledge Valentine’s Day. Even partners who can be a bit sneery or dismissive about Valentine’s Day, do for the most part quite like receiving a card. Of course there are a load of shop-bought options, from the big and brash, to the cute, sentimental or quirky. However, sometimes it’s very special to make your own.

valentines card

If you’re a crafty type, you may be brimming full of ideas, but a good easy and very personal design simply involves printing out a black and white image of you and your beloved early in your relationship (DO NOT do this if you’re trying to woo a stranger – if you secretly get a photo of the two of you together, they may call the police), and stick it on a nice piece of folded card, with a personal message from you. At the end of the day, those who’ve been in a relationship for some time will know their partner’s tastes – some will be completely touched by the gesture, others will consider it a bit rubbish and cheap – your call…

2) Flowers –

Again, you can go shop-bought, or home grown. If you’re making a sweet gesture to someone you’re still trying to woo, then shop-bought flowers may be the way to go. It’s not intrusive, with a professional company delivering the blooms, but also makes a lovely statement. Likewise, if you want to really impress a loved one with something that looks pretty gorgeous, then your local florist, or an online order are great options. Just remember, order those flowers NOW – florists get very busy at this time of year!

valentines day roses

Alternatively, you might want to concoct your own offering. A lovely Amaryllis or spring-like Hyacinth (look them up, they’re nice) in a pretty pot would make a thoughtful and personal Valentines gift. If you’re a talented type, you could even paint the pot. Just beware that you’re giving this ‘token’ as a symbol of your love and affection, so don’t produce something that looks droopy or half dead.

3) Sweets for my sweet –

Now we’re talking. For those binge chocolate eaters amongst us, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to stuff our faces and potentially run/swim/treadmill your way to salvation for a week or so afterwards.

Valentine's day chocolates

Chocolate is just so trendy these days. You can find loads of bespoke chocolatiers online, or go with a tried and trusted high street chain or preferably an independent shop in your local area. Of course it doesn’t have to be chocolate if you know that they love something else.

4) Dinner for two, made by you –

This is a similar one to the card dilemma. Some people just want to be taken out for the night and will be a bit gutted if you announce you’re cooking them dinner at home. Others will be totally touched by the personal gesture of you taking the time to cook them their favourite meal. It’s your decision, but it in the right circumstances, dinner for two in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home can work wonders and can really help that romantic transition between dessert and ‘what comes next’ (no, I do not mean Netflix…)

Valentines day dinner for two

Top tips – don’t do messy food – ie, no soup! Also, feel free to spend a lot of time prepping in advance, but don’t cook a meal that needs a lot of attention in the final hour or so. You want to be concentrating on your other half, not your gas hob. Slow roast anything is a pretty good option, together with dishes like lasagne that can be prepped in advance.

5) Top table –

Booking a table at a lovely local restaurant, bistro or gastro pub can tick a lot of the right boxes. We all have different tastes, so this is very much down to personal choice, however, some quick do’s and don’ts…


  1. Book early, as restaurants fill up on February 14th.
  2. Make sure that your intended dinner partner is going to be free and that babysitters etc. have been booked.
  3. Check the dress code of where you’re heading, so as not to ruin the night by being turned away.
  4. Make sure the venue is to your partner’s taste. Some people love a full-on Valentines experience, with roaming red rose sellers and romantic tunes. Others would rather stick pins under their fingernails than have to suffer the sheer cheesiness of it all.

Valentine's day dinner for two


  1. Choose somewhere that plays crazily loud music – romantic it ain’t!
  2. Invite all your mates along or
  3. Suggest splitting the bill at the end of the meal if you’re the one who’s done the inviting. If you’ve set this up, you see it through to the end – and that includes paying the bill!

6) Whisking Away –

On the list of things to do on Valentine’s day, this is getting into the big league. A night or two away with your true love can be an amazing and romantic Valentine’s gesture. If you have no problems in the bank balance department, maybe this is something you do every year. However, it’s more likely to be a very special one-off or once in a while treat. There are a wonderful array of boutique, luxury and independent hotels that would provide an amazing setting for a Valentine’s treat.

Valentine's day holiday

Just make sure you make it about more than ‘here’s the bed, let’s get to it’. People like to be wooed. A romantic hotel room certainly hints at ‘getting it on’, but please make sure there are at least a couple of other elements included.

7) Naughty Night In –

Let’s cut straight to the chase. Some people enjoy re-affirming that physical and sexual connection with their nearest and dearest on Valentine’s Day. This may follow on very nicely from the ‘cosy meal at home for two’ option, but make sure you put a little bit of work in. A bit of surprise Valentines day lingerie won’t go amiss if you’re planning something fun and naughty. Also, prepare your setting. Your bedroom could be made over very simply with a few candles, a quick tidy up and maybe a bit of music. Make it more boudoir than washing basket depository and you might be on to something.

Valentines day naughty night in

8) A Decent Proposal –

Of all the things to do on Valentine’s day, this will be the most memorable. There’s certainly no one way to pop the big question to someone if you’re the marrying type, but a Valentine’s proposal can work a treat. Ask yourself a few questions in advance. Would my partner want me to do a very public proposal, or would they be very embarrassed? Am I certain they’re going to say yes – and if I’m not sure, should I opt for a more private setting? What words am I going to use? (they may go down in history, stories to tell the grandkids etc, so don’t garble it).

Valentine's day proposal

9) Day out(side the box) –

Rather than a night out, where you inevitably pay inflated prices for a meal or experience, why not opt for a day time setting? (maybe couple it with the naughty night-in idea). A trip to see a classic old movie at the cinema might float your partner’s boat. Or why not really reflect their interests and suggest something that they would love, but that wouldn’t necessarily be your cup of tea?

Valentine's day out

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than some good old fashioned sacrifice. Yes, a trip to a stately home, or a canal cruise on a chilly February afternoon might not be your tipple, but you’ll guarantee those doe-eyes if it’s your partner’s favourite thing in the world.

10) Anti Valentine’s Surprise –

OK, so you don’t actually have to mark the fact you love and cherish someone on February 14th. Why not really bowl them over by surprising them with a romantic day/night/meal/weekend experience on one of the days or weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day – you could save a few quid too? That way, they’re not expecting it at all. And, if they’re a traditional type, you can always follow it up with a card on the 14th…

Valentines day in Paris


Whatever your choice, romantics of the world, get your skates on – it’s fast approaching!

About the Author Isla Torsten

Isla knows a good set of underwear when she sees it. Isla firmly believes that attitude and confidence are the key ingredients to looking just fabulous in your lingerie. She’s also an avid online shopper, capable of spotting a bargain at 20 paces.