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How To Choose The Best Lace Lingerie For You
Lace is a truly wonderful thing. Lace Lingerie encompasses everything from feminine and frilly, to beautiful and bridal, even sexy and seductive. The one thing it guarantees is luxury. Originally made by hand, the laborious process made lace an extravagant status symbol only available to the wealthiest of people. Today, its sheer and detailed textures give an elegance to any modern look. Available in any colour, any style and more importantly, for anyone to enjoy. Here’s some tips on choosing the best lace lingerie for you.
How To Be Sexy In A Catsuit – The Ultimate Guide
The catsuit is synonymous with all things sassy. Ever since Catwoman strutted her sexy stuff on our screens, women have donned these sexy one-pieces for many a sultry occasion. These leg lengthening, tummy tightening, bum busting onesies are uber sexy when it comes to confident women putting themselves out there. Get it right and you’ll become the feisty feline with dogs crawling at your feet but get it wrong and you’ll be reaching for that full-length pack-a-mac before you can say ‘VPL’. Here’s how to wear a catsuit and get it right.
How To Know If Your Lingerie Is As Naughty As You
Lingerie, we wear it every day. It ranges from the plain and simple to the utterly sublime. But hiding beneath the covers – if you dare to look – is the all-out scandalous, naughty lingerie to die for. It may not be for everyday use (although if it really floats your boat, I’m not going to stop you), but naughty lingerie is certainly here to open some eyelids, get perky and have a lot of fun. It's time to see where you are on our naughtiness scale and whether you have the naughty lingerie to match. Answer these 4 questions to find out.
All You Need To Know About Beautiful Babydolls
From the chiffon garments of the prim and proper housewives of the 1950s to the seductive and erotic lingerie of today; babydolls have rightly earned their place in the lingerie hall of fame. Comfortable enough to sleep in yet sexy enough to prevent it (the sleep that is!). The babydoll is synonymous with lingerie luxury, and why shouldn’t it be. This skimpy dress of seduction is one of the most versatile and multi-use garments you could pop into your little drawers of delight. Here’s my guide to choosing the perfect babydoll for you.
Top 10 Tips – How To Choose The Best Bridal Lingerie
I still remember the day I got married. The amazing dress, the killer shoes, the feeling that this was truly the best day of my life. I also remember the lack lustre knickers I was wearing - hardly the best bridal lingerie. I just hadn’t given it a thought. I wish I had given it a thought. I wish I had prepared. Just spending a little time to shop around would have turned that feeling of ‘oh crikey’ into ‘oooh baby’ on the wedding night. So, to stop you making the same mistake, I have come up with a list of 10 steps you should follow to ensure you have the perfect bridal lingerie for your big day.
This Is What Your Handwriting Reveals About Your Love Life
It's early in the morning and I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee. I’ve just scrawled on a piece of paper my to do list for the day, which includes the sign off to the list - “date night”. Hmm, there is so much possibility in those two words (wink wink). But then it struck me – if so much can be insinuated by what I’ve written – what about how I’ve written it? Does my handwriting tell wonders when it comes to what I expect on this date night? And what does your handwriting say about you and about your love life?
How To Choose The Best Lingerie For Valentine’s Day
One of the most romantic days of the year, Valentine’s Day is a time to declare new love or to celebrate love and romance with a loved one. Of course, there are lots of ways to do it and lingerie can play a big part, whether as a gift or as something to enhance the whole experience. Why lingerie? Well think of chocolates without the box, or flowers without the bow, or a gift without the gift-wrap. See what I mean? But “where do I start?” I hear you say. Well look no further, here’s my helpful guide with lots of hints and tips to help you choose the best lingerie for Valentine's Day.
How To Choose The Right Lingerie For Your Body Size
We all know that impish phrase – ‘size matters’ - but in the case of lingerie, it totally does. There is nothing like an ill-fitting garment to really turn the temperature down when all you want is for it to get hot, hot, hot! So, what are the things to look for when choosing the right lingerie for your body size? What are the must buys and where are the no-goes? How can lingerie turn you from plain and simple to sexy and seductive? Well, hopefully I can help you there a little.
How To Look Your Best In Strappy Lingerie
Strappy lingerie has become the essence of all things fashionable and fabulous in the lingerie world and isn’t set to lose its place as princess of provocation any time soon. If you haven’t taken your place in the strappy kingdom yet – you should. But if you’re serious about strappy – what are the steps you can take to ensure you look flawless and fabulous rather than foul and flabby? Here's my tips on how to wear strappy lingerie - from choosing the right style to making sure you're wearing it to best effect.
Love, Life and Lingerie – New Year Resolutions for 2019
Here we are, the end of another year and looking to the exciting times ahead, ever hopeful that this next year will be every bit as good – if not better – than the one just gone. But what will it include? Will the stars align, and fate be kind? Can we take matters into our own hands and do something to turn 2019 into the year of all years? New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be massive, unattainable challenges where we’re set to fail. So, from love, to life – and to lingerie, here are some of my favourite New Year’s resolutions you can think about to make your 2019 even more special.
How To Be Wrapped For Fun At Christmas
Its Christmastime, you’re probably well on your way to finishing your present shopping and the decorations are up. But perhaps you’ve overlooked the one most special, amazing present that you can offer your loved one – yourself! Why not wrap yourself in something special this festive season? The big and beautiful bow is a definite statement piece, “hey lover, come and unwrap me”. So, if you’re looking for that one tempting piece this season, get wrapped up in one of these bow-tiful items…
Sex Survey Reveals – We Love To Be Naughty At Christmas
Well the weather outside is frightful but according to our exclusive sex survey, things get very frisky in the bedroom (and wherever you like!) in the run up to Christmas. Not only did respondents tell us when they had enjoyed the most sex, it turns out that that December sex fans are more likely to take more time over it and to go about it in rather naughty ways. It appears to be a lot more fun being on Santa's naughty list…
You’ll Love My Ultimate 12 Naughty Nights Of Christmas
I don’t know about you, but I for one am really looking forward to Christmas. The gifts under the tree, the unwrapping of presents, the excitement! This got me thinking… what if all my Christmases could come at once? What if, I was given the perfect 12 naughty nights of Christmas!? Well my dear reader, enjoy my 12 Naughty Nights Of Christmas...
How To Be Fabulous In Fur Trimmed Festive Lingerie
Ever since the good old days of sitting on Santa’s knee, there is nothing that quite says ‘Christmas’ more than a little fur contrasting with luxurious red. It’s the ho-ho-holy grail of all things festive. If you fancy adding a little winter spice to your festive tickle this season, why not wrap yourself up in one of these ultimate festive lingerie concoctions? From a simple stocking to tantalising teddies. Just don’t wear it in front of the Elves… Here’s my top 10 ten ways to be fabulously festive this Christmas.
Are You Daring Enough To Take Our Exclusive Sex Survey…?
Ding Dong! It’s that taboo subject we all nudge-nudge, wink-wink at but rarely talk about in public - Sex. These days, sex can be so much more of a closed-door affair, with lights off and an almost embarrassing, “are you done yet?” approach to this furtive act. Yet it doesn’t have to be. The more free and easy amongst us are happy to do it anywhere, anytime – and for some – with anyone (albeit safely please). But who's doing what, when and how often, etc.? That's where our sex survey comes in. Are you brave enough to take it?
How To Look Sexy And Be Comfortable In Suspender Tights
Stockings or tights, tights or stockings… it is a question I’ve often deliberated – even blogged about. There are so many lovely benefits to both, but which is better? I like the comfort of tights, but stockings are undeniably sexy in a way that tights can never be… or can they? Faux stockings - or suspender tights if you would rather - are tights that look like stockings. They have all the functionality of tights without the need for a garter belt. So, if you’re tempted to try suspender tights for yourself, which are the best styles to go for? Here’s a few ideas to get you started.
The Best Marvel-lous Catsuits – Sexy, Powerful and Mysterious
All female comic characters are hot as hell, it’s in their DNA. The waist is cinched in, the legs are well toned and oh-so-long, the bum is pert, the boobs are perfect (too perfect) and all of this is wrapped in a skin tight catsuit, long flowing hair and finished off with a touch of mystery and a whopping great pinch of power – super power! Powerful, confident and uber sexy, they are everything men dream of, and secretly what we wish we could be. What would your secret super power be? Here are my top 5 sexiest superheroes to inspire you.
Old Versus New – A Fascinating Look At The Reinvention Of Lingerie
Is there really such a thing as a new idea in lingerie trends? What does inspiration really mean? Are we all just copying, tweaking, imitating and re-inventing things that have gone before? Why change a good thing? The female form hasn’t changed dramatically for a few millennia. When it comes to lingerie trends, we are embracing a lot of history. Let's have a look.
Stockings and Stilettos – How To Wear High Heels In The Bedroom
You wouldn’t naturally assume that footwear could be so desirable yet slipping into a sexy stiletto is probably one of the easiest ways to turn your partner on in the bedroom. Wearing high heels in bed is a dead cert when it comes to making your partner pant for more. It can re-enact so many sexual fantasies; sex with the boss, daring with a dominatrix, or the stranger at the bar with legs that go on forever. Afterall, what femme fatale would be complete without her stilettos? But just how do you introduce a sexy stiletto to the bedroom?
Fun In The Bedroom With Exciting Accessories
A cake may look and taste great, but when decorated perfectly with glistening adornments and pretty pipework that cake becomes all the more delicious, irresistible even. Imagine having that cake and eating it. Imagine that cake is you, or your partner – now that’s where the fun begins. I’m not saying that you should smother yourself in icing and little silver balls but why not have a little fun with something more than lingerie –the world of exciting accessories. Quite simply, it’s about fun, frolics and anything frivolous. Here’s a few suggestions to get you going.
Uncovered – Sexy Sleepwear You’ll Love This Autumn
The weather’s getting cooler, the days are drawing in. But just because the leaves are falling doesn’t mean your standards have to fall with them. Far from it. Cosy nights in by the fire present a whole host of sexy sleepwear opportunities – so make the most of it! Mix rich and luxurious autumnal colours with some sexy sleepwear and you’ll be utterly ‘deciduous’ – your clothes will be falling off as fast as the leaves from the trees! Check out these Autumn sleepwear trends.
Brazen Boobs – An Uplifting Guide To The Best Open Cup Bras
The recent trend to flash some flesh doesn’t just stop at the daring derriere. We also have the rise in popularity of open cup bras. These busty beauties, of little or no fabric, vary greatly. From the shelf bra to quarter bras, cage bras, or even side, frontal or full-on cut out ‘peekaboo’ styles. In fact, the list is so extensive that the definition can be rather vague, and certainly very confusing. Still, these cheeky pieces of lingerie luxury can be sassy, sexy and utterly scandalous. So, regardless of the style, have fun and give it a go!
The Best Bedroom Roleplay Ideas For Naughty Girls
Have you ever imagined yourself as the lead of a movie or wanted to be someone else for a day? Come on, we’ve all been there. From an early age we have been dressing up, playing up and racing round in pretend games of superheroes, doctors and nurses or mums and dads. Well, that was just innocent fun. It’s time to drop the innocent bit and see what other type of fun we can get up to and which bedroom roleplay ideas might be for you. There are so many sexy scenarios that you can deep dive right into. Here are my top 10 bedroom roleplay ideas to really get you going.
Trending Now: Spotlight On The Most Exciting Wet Look Clothing
Feeling naughty? You’re not alone; no dominatrix or submissive would ever be without their super scandalous wet look clothing. But it’s not all about the sex siren, wet look outfits are becoming ever more popular with everyday styles for date nights and outerwear. You can choose how daring you want to be – or not. Whatever style you choose, you can bet your bottom dollar it will always have the desired effects! Here are some of my favourite suggestions to get into wet...
The Best Chic-In-Sheer Revealing Lingerie Looks
Sheer lingerie is a marvellous thing. This barely there, ultra-sleek combination is the perfect recipe for all lingerie lovers. It is super cool, super supportive and super comfy too. More importantly, it is super sexy. From the cool and casual bra and panty sets, to the all-out salaciously see-through bodystockings, or even raunchy retro styles – there really is some sheer lingerie for everyone. Check out my top 10 chic-in-sheer lingerie looks for your first sights into all things sheer and heavenly.
How To Be Confident When Plus Size Lingerie Shopping
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I am not your typical thinner than thin, skinny Minnie, lingerie lover. No folks. I am a human being with wobbly bits and a slightly bigger than average waistline (heck, I like wine and cheese too much). Whilst I see myself as ‘normal’ – I know that some lingerie brands do not. And so I find myself happily (sometimes not so happily) shopping amongst the plus size lingerie section on a regular basis in order to find the perfect fit. Here are my list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to plus size lingerie shopping.
How To Be A Temptress In Sheer Lingerie
Sheer lingerie – it’s a bit like marmite. Some love it, some… well not so much. But I believe sheer lingerie is only really disliked by the people who haven’t given it a go. It’s a perfectly subtle approach to seduction, giving you an almost naked look, but with the control factor that any decent lingerie provides. Shopping for sheer can be unnerving for first timers. Like most lingerie, there are many different styles and levels of sheer you can adopt. So, whether you are just dipping your toe in the sheer pool or diving right in – here’s a few tips.
How To Be Hot Under The Covers In The Cool Of The Night
30 degrees seems so much hotter when you’re not lounging by a pool in continental Europe. Trying to do your usual tasks seems so much harder – and sweatier! I’m not one to complain, but when I’m spending all day being hot and bothered, the last thing on my mind is getting hot and bothered somewhere else -say, under the covers if you know what I mean. And there lies my problem. Hot summer days can make you feel frisky but being sweaty just doesn’t work as a romantic aphrodisiac. So, here’s some tips to reignite and enjoy the flames of passion amidst this summer heatwave.
The Best Bridal Stockings Or Tights For Your Wedding Day
So, you’re getting married? Congratulations! If you’re anything like me, you’ll be busy planning the best day of your life: fiancé – check, venue – check, dress – check… but you’re so mindful of the big stuff, the little stuff is easily forgotten, like what bridal stockings or tights to wear! Not everyone is going to see them, but that one most important person, the love of your life, certainly will. Here’s a handy guide to what’s on offer to adorn your luscious legs on your most important day.
How To Be A Wonder Woman With A Bodysuit
The bodysuit was only invented 60-or-so years ago and was first worn by pin-up model Bettie Page in the 1950s. It soon became synonymous with all things sexy when it became the trademark fashion for Playboy Bunnies and then later as Wonder Woman’s superhero costume of choice. Within a couple of decades, the bodysuit had proved itself worthy in the lingerie limelight as all things to all women. Useful by day, seductive by night; that one investment piece of lingerie no woman should be without.
How To Score Big at the World Cup
If you’re ‘football crazy, football mad’ you’ll need no reminder that the World Cup 2018 is about to kick off. If, however, you’re like me and you’d rather be plucking your eyelashes out than watching a football match – even if it is sexy men in shorts – you’ll be dying for a distraction. Whatever your penchant for soccer, good old Sparkling Strawberry have launched a new range of World Cup bodysuits from Mapale to really perk things up a bit. Who knows what fun you’ll have in half time!
Going All The Way – The Best Swimwear For Love Island
Ahh, it’s that time of year again. The sun is shining, the outfits are shrinking, and summer is almost upon us. It’s time to revise the urban dictionary for words like, “melt” and “sort” as this year’s latest contestants get set to enter Love Island 2018. If you are a seasoned pro to the show, you will be wildly anticipating the arrival of the Flack onto our screens. If you’ve yet to sail to the mystical world that is the Love Island Villa – then where have you been all this time? Get on board and enjoy the guilty pleasures filled ride.
How to Have Fun with Naughty Knickers
From the ancient Greeks to Pippa Middleton, throughout history we have always been obsessed with a good bottom. Artists emphasise it, photographers enhance it, celebrities flash it. The bottom is as synonymous with all things cheeky as a peach is juicy . We're obsessed not only with cheeky bums, but also the naughty knickers to wrap them in. Here are ten mischievous musings for having a little fun with your naughty knickers.
How To Be Bold In Strappy Lingerie
Straps and lingerie go together like strawberries and cream, elevating the lingerie from the sleek and simple to the sublimely sexy. The appearance of being wrapped in risqué and teasingly thin straps, which perfectly outline your naughtiness, is so erotic. A strappy piece of lingerie is such a provocative statement, it transforms how you look and feel, with an emphasis of less is most definitely more. Here’s a few tips on finding your perfect strappy style.
How To Be Daring In A Fishnet Dress
Gone are the days of old when a woman couldn’t even flash an ankle. Over the past hundred years we’ve got the rights to vote, to be educated, to work. We’ve supported men in battle, we’ve won battles of our own. Now, here we stand as powerful, independent and brilliant beings who quite frankly can stuff tradition and do what we like. Daring fishnet-style dresses are the ultimate in showing society – ‘I’m confident in my body’. They’re a brilliant way to make you feel utterly sexy, insanely provocative and completely glorious. Do you dare to bare? Read our 3 step guide.
The Most Amazing Grand Masked Ball At Versailles
Once a year, around midsummer’s day, you can live like royalty and dance all night at The Grand Masked Ball At Versailles. Follow in the footsteps of the 17th/18th century masquerade balls and luxurious parties held by The Sun King, Louis XIV in his Palace of Versailles. Be prepared; when we say “dance all night”, we mean it – the ball starts at 11:30pm and finishes at dawn, plus you’ve got the Night Fountains Show and fireworks from 8:30pm until 11:05pm to get you started!
Love, Life and Bathrooms – Do You Share?
When it comes to relationships, sharing is most definitely caring – but just how much is too much? In days gone by it was just about acceptable to share a newspaper over the breakfast table. Bathroom habits and bodily functions were a definite no-go zone. Now, a new survey by Soak.com reveals that us Brits are willing to share much more than breakfast with our partners. No more is the bathroom a place of sanctuary and solitary confinement. It's now more a social setting where anything and everything goes.
Stockings or Tights – How To Choose The Best Nylons For You
It is that age old question – Stockings or Tights? Tights or Stockings? Stockings have always been associated with all things suggestive and vixen-esque, whilst we’ve been dressed up in cutesy tights since we were in nappies. They don’t exactly scream ‘sex siren’ – or do they? Here's why you should have your cake and eat it, and have the best of both!
Beautiful Babydolls – From The Romantic To The Hot & Steamy
If you are new to babydolls – fear not! There is an almighty selection to choose from. They range from the classic and simple to the down-right seductive. There are so many options to choose from and you can have a lot of fun finding your preferred style. One thing is for sure though, these beauties are made to flatter, with hints of flesh to entice and arouse. But what kind of babydoll should you choose? Well here’s a handy guide to help you with your shopping…
How To Shop For Luxurious Wedding Lingerie On A Budget
Your wedding – it’s the happiest day of your life. This one special day will also probably become the most expensive 24 hours you’ll ever have. A new survey conducted only last year shows that the average cost of a wedding in the UK has now hit an all-time high. A whopping 27-thousand pound high to be exact! Some people like to spend big on wedding lingerie too. But If you’re trying to stick to a budget, here are the ultimate marital must-haves to send you on your way to pure marital bliss… all for £100!
A Beach Babes Guide To The Best Swimwear Trends This Summer
We may still be feeling a little raw after our beastly winter, and summer may feel like a thing of fantasy rather than actual reality – but we’ll soon be day dreaming about that all-amazing summer holiday. If you’re looking to turn heads in stunning swimwear this summer, then you’d better get preparing. 2018’s swimwear trends are here, and this year is set to be a knockout. We’ve compiled the best bits, to show you how you can wow poolside this season…
Female & Proud – A Timely Spotlight On Fishnets And Feminism
Fat shaming, slut shaming, body shaming, food shaming, mum shaming - even period shaming. It seems we’re a shaming society these days and a lot of it seems to be directed at women and even between women. There have always been plenty of people who fervently ‘know’ that their world view is the correct one. This has also been the case with the feminist cause. Women's clothing has often been the focus of such condemnation. So does revealing clothing and sexy lingerie help or hinder feminism. Let's take a look at "fishnets and feminism".
A Bodystocking Is More Than Just Fun In The Bedroom
If only you knew how amazing bodystockings are, the discrete body-contouring they provide and the sheer sex appeal. The right bodystocking can go with pretty much any outfit – sometimes it is the outfit! In fact, a good bodystocking is an absolute must-have for any discerning lingerie lover. Whether for underwear, outerwear or just some fun in the bedroom? Follow these tips to find the perfect bodystocking for you.
How To Shop For Your Sensational Curves – Top Lingerie Advice
I consider myself normal, dare I say not bad looking – ok when the lippy is slapped on and I’m fully prepped and preened for date night. But when I look to fashion, I feel completely the opposite. All too often I see crazy thin model images showing me what a bra and panty set will look like. Well yeah, maybe on their slip of a body, but not on my post-child-birth-everything-has-sunk-south body. Now I’ve got that off my ample chest, here’s a few tips on how to shop for the best sexy lingerie for your curvaceous figure.
Over 65 and Wanting More Sex? You’re not alone…
According to our offspring, parental libidos shrivel up by the time we hit 40. By retirement age, I think the younger generation like to believe that we are all saints and have returned to our virginal states once again. Sex and relationships in later life have become almost taboo. We’re ‘too old’, its ‘disgusting’, or simply, ‘ewww’. We know different. And now we can prove it.
How to Flirt: Flirting Tips for Fantastic Results
Flirting – from a little bit of fun to all-out frolicking fancies. Whether you use it to find the next love of your life, or simply to feel good about yourself. Flirting is one of life’s little extravagances. But the age-old dilemma of “How to Flirt’ never seems to go away. For now though, here are a few flirting tips, some simple do’s and don’ts to nudge you along the right track…
10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day
You may be someone who embraces Valentine’s Day with the enthusiasm and passion of a bargain hunter at the Boxing Day sales; or perhaps you’re more circumspect – maybe even surly – about the idea of this annual love-in. Whatever your stance, Valentine’s Day is at the very least a little niggle that pops up in your brain. At most it’s a pressure-on, all singing all dancing ‘let’s have a festival of love’ occasion to be planned to precision. Here’s a list of ten things to do on Valentine’s day – to get you started.
A Singles Guide to Surviving Valentines Day
Valentines, day of smooches and romantic rumblings; but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you find yourself single, there is probably no worse time of the year to feel more single than the 14th February. But Couples Schmupples… celebrate your singleton status, channel your inner Bridget, and revel in being single on Valentines day. Don't settle for simply surviving Valentines day - here are 6 ways to really enjoy yourself.
Exciting First Date? No Pressure! You have 4.2 seconds to impress.
If you’re looking for love this Valentines, then the first four seconds with your prospective partner appears to be the most important. Long gone are the days of leisurely twirling your hair as you romantically sip on a glass of Sauvignon. Over a third of us Brits are using dating sites and apps to find a mate. And it seems that all we need is a measly 4 seconds to decide if we find someone attractive. No pressure there then - as if first date nerves weren't bad enough!
10 of the Strangest Valentine’s Day Traditions – Amazing!
You may be rather excited about the impending arrival of February 14th, or perhaps you’re a little anxious about receiving a special something from that special someone. All I can say is, most of you won't have experienced some of the weird traditions that pass for Valentines’ Day activities worldwide. Most often a little quirkier than dinner for two and a bunch of roses. Let’s take a little tour of some of the strangest ways in which people embrace the wonders of Valentine’s Day…
5 of the Best Steamy Valentine’s Day Looks
With the most romantic day in the calendar fast approaching: is your lingerie ready? For the lingerie lovers amongst us, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to try out something steamy, sumptuous and new. Traditionally red is the colour that is associated with Valentines lingerie, but don’t be constrained by tradition; your lingerie choice is a deeply personal affair. Here’s a handy guide to five Valentines lingerie looks that will set all pulses racing…
Fun Facts You’ll Love About Valentines Day
The fun of the festive period is well and truly over, and all that is left is a damp mist of winter before spring blooms. But it’s not all doom and gloom – for the loved-up anyway. Valentines is a mere nudge around the corner. For some, it is just another day, but for others it is a fabulous excuse to have a little romantic rollicking and frivolous fancy for one special day in the year. Enjoy these 14 Fun Facts on Valentines…
Constanza’s New Year Resolution – Take Me To The Fun!
Constanza had had a good Christmas, all told. There had been quite a lot of parties, late nights and indulgences. The usual. However, as the new year had approached she detected in herself a certain, slightly restless sense of unfulfillment. She was determined that her life should take a new direction with the new year, and had formulated her New Year Resolution to help her achieve this. Accordingly, she presented herself at the doors of the local library at 10.00am on 2nd January......
How to Look Sexy
In the good old days, being sexy was about how you dressed, with short skirts and tight tops – not to mention a smoky eye or some vampish lippy. Being sexy these days is far less about looks, and much more about us. Attractiveness comes from within, and true sexiness lies within the eye of the beholder. With major companies deciding to leave their models un-airbrushed to show real beauty, there is no better time to celebrate our differences. Confidence is sexy, it’s time to enjoy it. Here are some brilliant confidence boosting tips for how to look sexy…
Celebrating 100 Years of Provocative Christmas Pin Ups
Never make the mistake of thinking of historical times as being more innocent. It seems the further you go back in time, the naughtier the world was. Cheeky, naughty, postcards were all the rage once photography turned up in the 19th century. The movies led to the age of the Hollywood stars and starlets and, of course, celebrity pinup pictures were sure to follow. Here we celebrate over 100 years of Christmas pin ups. Enjoy!
The Best Christmas Stockings And Tights For Festive Legs
It’s Christmas time, the decorations are up, and Santa and his elves are busily preparing presents for under the tree. But if you are more interested in some salacious Christmas stockings and cute Christmas tights than the garishly over-sized ones hanging by the fire – you’re in for a real treat. For the ultimate in seasonal sexiness, festive stockings are a must. From elfish to audacious, saucy to down-right sexy – your choice of perfect pantyhose is pretty much endless. Have fun choosing yours.
‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore and Henry Livingston Jr. – whoever wrote The Night Before Christmas poem, I just couldn't help myself. Have a read - and a giggle. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Two people were stirring, and off came a blouse. The stockings were thrown by the chimney with care, As Mr and Mrs Claus lay by the fire all bare.....
The Best Naughty Girl Lingerie For Christmas Night Treats
Baby its cold outside. Christmas is here, and what better time to leave your stockings by the fire and get your bells really jingling with some festive lingerie. To really turn up the heat at home when the nights draw in, look no further than Sparkling Strawberry for the ultimate selection of naughty Christmas lingerie. Christmas night treats to add a little sparkle for a truly flirtatious festive season.
Role Play Ideas – The Exciting, Sexy Top 10 You’ll Love
Every healthy romantic relationship requires a certain amount of fuel injection once in a while. Of course, your options are pretty limitless. It can be as extravagant as a surprise trip, an amazing piece of jewellery or a gorgeous set of lingerie; or perhaps you prefer the simplicity of a heartfelt letter, or a home cooked meal. There are, however, many romantic pairings who enjoy delving into the naughty, cheeky, sexy, arousing and sometimes quite hilarious world of roleplaying. Let's look at the nation's top 10 favourite role play ideas.
How to Beat Body Image Issues – Love, Life and Lingerie
When it comes to our own bodies, we all have our personal gripes to bear and our body image issues. From a young age we are bombarded with images and advertising that can make us feel that our bodies are substandard, inadequate, imperfect. We find ourselves constantly striving for perfection – when perfection just isn’t – well, real. It’s time to put our body image issues aside, to love ourselves that little bit more, to love our bodies: booties, boobs, bumps and all!
Why Kinky Lingerie Is Really Good For You
We spend so much time being serious these days, sometimes we just need to let our hair down and loosen up a bit. If you have ever wondered if kinky lingerie could help put a little zest into life, I’m here to share my secrets. There are some seriously erotic pieces out there if you only know where to look and if you’re reading this then you’ve made a good start. Sparkling Strawberry can really show you the way when it comes to kinky lingerie.
The Best Princess Lingerie To Make Your Special Wishes Come True
Imagination is a wonderful thing. With the right cogs whirring away between the ears, you can dream up any scenario. And when it comes to lingerie, that’s very handy. For instance, most of us like being treated like a princess – a bit of finery, a bit of romance, a pretty outfit and a fairy tale story. Well fear not, choose some princess lingerie and immerse yourself in your fairy tale fantasy. It’s up to you how much you reveal.
Halloween Makeup Ideas – How to do a Sexy Yet Scary Look
Halloween: the time of all things dark and ghoulish. Time for avantgarde costumes and eerie outfits. But what outfit would be complete without the perfect scary Halloween makeup? Imagine a witch without a wart or that classic green skin, or a clown without that face – it just wouldn’t be the same. During October, Halloween makeup ideas are everywhere so we're going to focus on how to create a sexy yet scary look.
The Fascinating Legacy of the Fishnet Revolution
Fishnets are one of those things that may go in and out of style in terms of what the fashion magazines say. But for those with the sass to pull them off with confidence or those with an inner vixen who comes out in the bedroom; fishnet stockings are ALWAYS a good idea! Lets take a look at the fishnet revolution.
Magic Wanda – A Surprising Halloween Romance And Passion
It was a promising evening to celebrate Halloween: the darkening sky with its dark clouds loomed darkly over the town. There was a full moon peeking through the clouds, and as the nights were drawing in and outside activities were limited, there were increasing full moons indoors as well. On such a night, Halloween romance was just a spell away. Wanda was finishing her costume for the party....
Be Naughty – The Best Slutty Halloween Costumes For You
Who said Halloween's got to be spooky? If you have a naughty bone in your body (of course you do!) then All Hallows Eve can also be the perfect excuse to be a little bit slutty. And luckily for you, there are plenty of Halloween outfits to fit the bill. Here’s a handy top ten list of slutty Halloween costumes and accessories to get the heart rate going. Go on – free your naughty side!
The Ultimate Guide to the Best Lingerie for your Bum Shape [Infographic]
When it comes to bottoms, we’re all different. From pert and peachy to flat and boyish, we all have our own bugs to bear when it comes to our derrieres, but there is no reason why we can’t just put it all out there and celebrate our curves. Taking the time to figure out your own bottom shape can really help you to choose the best underwear style for you and make the most of that perky behind. It’s time to get bonkers about our booties and this guide to the best lingerie for your bum shape will help you make the most of yours.
Spotlight on the Top 25 Sensational Space Babes From Outer Space
Looking back through the Sci Fi films and TV series of the 20th Century, we kind of expected mankind to be nipping about the galaxy in spacey versions of your average family car by now. Alas, most of us are still on terra firma. But at least we now have over 100 years worth of scintillating sci-fi to console ourselves with. Popular culture is obsessed with space and when the two meet, it seems that red hot sci fi babes are always a bonus by-product. From Barbarella to Seven of Nine, let’s take a look at the top 25 Space Babes From Outer Space.
An Inspiring Guide to the Best Halloween Costume Ideas
Now the nights are drawing in, it's really starting to feel like Autumn. Halloween looms ever closer. Whether or not you like a little trick or treating, there is always time for some fun when it comes to Halloween costumes. Maybe you have a Halloween party already booked, or perhaps you are just looking for a little seasonal fun between the sheets. Either way, it's time to get your thinking hat on, check out the best Halloween Costume Ideas for 2017 and find that perfect outfit for your Halloween party.
Why You Need To Have Colourful Lingerie In Your Life
Have you ever stopped to look at your lingerie drawer? I mean really look at it. What does your lingerie colour choices say about you? Is it a sea of black, white and beige – or does it shine out in a multitude of hues? There is a world of colour waiting for you if you only dared. Maybe it is time to step away from the grey and find your colourful side.
DIY Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Stand Out
Let’s face it, the Brits used to be a bit rubbish at Halloween. Back in the day, the girls tended to be draped in some variation of a flammable witch’s dress, whereas boys found themselves adorned with a corner shop monster mask. Bob’s your uncle, trick or treating here I come! Halloween is now a far slicker operation with costumes just as likely to be kinky as scary. One thing that hasn't changed is the fun you can have making your own DIY Halloween costumes.
The Truth About Roleplay – How To Free Your Naughty Side
There’s a reason why 50 Shades of Grey was a blockbuster hit in book and film form. There’s also a reason why adult fantasy outfits and uniforms are hugely popular. Many of us just love a bit of roleplay. So, if you’ve never indulged in this imaginative pursuit before, here are a few roleplay pointers…
The A to Z of Quickly Enhancing Your Assets
There aren’t many people in this world who are absolutely perfect – and frankly, anyone who claims to be can be filed under either ‘A’ for annoying or ‘F’ for faking it. However, the tips and tricks that we can all use to make the best of what we’re born with are as easy as A, B, C. From Arse to Zebra, read on to enhance your assets.
How to Wear Stockings and Suspenders
Stockings combine function and purpose, with sexy connotations leaving the viewer entranced and wanting. But just what is it about the stocking that makes it so sexy? When and where should we wear them? And if we do decide that stockings should feature in our top drawer of lingerie must-haves – how on earth do we put them on?
A Lover’s Guide – The Best Pants for Holiday Romance
Whatever your holiday romance aspirations, if you are kind of hoping to set passions aflame during your holiday in the sun, then a little preparation is probably worthwhile. Pretty high on the list of course is underwear and maybe beach outer-wear. Here’s a handy top ten list of holiday romance essentials.
The Best Sexy Clubwear For Your Clubbing Holidays
It’s that time of year when the ardent clubbers amongst us are preparing to dance the night away in warmer and more glamorous locations than your average British town centre. When it comes to dress codes, yes, you can be scandalous and yes you can be seductive. So - lucky you – here’s a handy list of must-have sexy clubwear options that will see you arriving triumphant - and sizzling – for the clubbing holiday of your dreams…
How To Look Hot – Your Top 10 Tips
Some lucky lovelies seem to exude sexiness from the minute they wake up in the morning. For others, it takes a lot more effort. Looking hot isn’t just about how you look, but how you feel on the inside too. Enhance you assets and boost your confidence with this handy How to Look Hot guide.
Your Guide to Daring with your Derriere
Who would have thought that the 2010s would be all about the arse? Our bottoms are certainly getting a lot of attention. Bum baring, moon shots and cheeky exploits are all the craze – even bum baring bridesmaids. Are we at the start of a rear end renaissance? It’s time to flaunt those curves for all they’re worth. Don’t miss this Top 10 Guide to daring with your derriere.
How to Become a Superior Seductress
All too often we imagine a seductress as someone who is stunningly beautiful, the epitome of all things sexy and alluring. Fortunately, the art of being a seductress is far more achievable. Our seduction tips will help you become a superior seductress - without any need for superpowers or powerful seduction spells.
Entangled at the Vicarage Fete
The sun was beaming down on Luffley Bappes as the good folk of the village arranged the traditional stalls and looped the colourful bunting around the vicar’s bushes.
7 Days, 7 Lingerie Looks
From the empowering lingerie set of a Monday morning business woman to her Saturday night tease set. This lingerie lover's diary reveals its ok to be down and dumpy sometimes, as long as you're a fabulous feline on occasion.
Trust Your Bust – Boob Shapes and Bras – The Ultimate Guide [Infographic]
Finding the best bra style for your breast type just got easier. Read our guide to Choosing the Best Bra for Your Breast Shape - with Infographic.
Ode to Lingerie
In the spirit of the romantic odes of Wordsworth, Shelley and Keats and drawing inspiration from the great Roman poet, Horace - whilst narrowly avoiding the poetic mishaps of Nausius from "Up Pompeii!" - here's our Ode to Lingerie.
Trust Your Bust – The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide
Have you ever gone to be measured for a new bra, been seemingly happy at time of purchase, then get[...]
Manifesto Mischief – The Latest Election Jargon Exposed
Pledges had been made, policies set out and red lines drawn. TV debates had been won and lost, election jargon[...]
Trust Your Bust – How to Measure Your Bra Size
From the moment our boobs begin to grow, we are bamboozled by bras. If it’s not how to get it[...]
Best Boobs in a Supporting Bra – Hollywood Top 10
Well we all know the expression “sex sells” and more specifically, when it comes to the good old silver screen,[...]
The Best Tempting Lingerie For Really Exciting Holiday Nights
The great holiday pack – are you a suitcase wonder? (all essential items neatly stowed, at least 1 kg under[...]
Sexy Selfies and Perfecting Your Pout
Admit it, we’ve all done it. From the “I look great” holiday musing to the “slightly tipsy” night out, taking[...]
Love, Lingerie and Marriage
You’ve said the “I do’s”, got the ring, had the first dance, first night (wink wink) and honeymoon. Now you’re[...]
Lingerie To Take On Your Honeymoon
So here you are – the confetti’s been swept up, a host of happy wedding guests are probably waking up[...]
Hester’s Great Easter Egg Hunt Adventure
It was a glorioriorious spring morning in Crotchbury; birds were singing gloriorioriously, the sun was shining similarly and all felt[...]
The Definitive Guide to Wedding Day Lingerie
Rum, tum-ti-tum, rum tum-ti-tum… the age-old ditty that is completely synonymous with walking down the aisle. It’s your wedding day.[...]
Revealed! – Lingerie Your Granny Loved
Rule number 1: when it comes to fashion, do not feel sorry for Granny. Judging by some of the fashions[...]
7 Swimsuits to Prepare You For Summer
With summer approaching, we're all starting to think about booking holidays and getting ready for the beach. Summer is all about[...]
5 Best Plus Size Lingerie Sets
People come in all shapes and sizes, and so does lingerie. Plus size ladies have curves, and you should have[...]
7 Accessories You Can’t Forget When Dressing Up
Are you the type of person that just loves dressing up? Donning a costume can be fun, empowering, and spice[...]
5 Underwear Products That Can Be Used As Outerwear
The underwear as outerwear trend is a style that never seems to go out of season and always popular with[...]
Your Lingerie Drawer – What does it say about you?
Unless you’re a lover of nature, a ‘commando in chief’ – you’ll probably have a drawer overflowing with lingerie of[...]
Caring for Your Lingerie
Whether you are washing your weekly wears, scrubbing your sports bra or cleaning your hanky-panky panties… There is no need[...]
The Evolution Of Lingerie
Fashion is a constantly evolving thing, changeable to the season and the whims of fashion houses across the world. However,[...]
Does The Material Of Your Swimwear Matter?
Swimwear comes in all shapes and sizes. From tiny bikinis to peplum swimsuits. We all think of swimwear as being[...]
Buzzword Bingo Extreme – Getting Down to Business in the Boardroom
It was the first day in a new office for the legal firm, Butters, Usgood and Fletcher (BUF). London’s newest[...]
When Does Underwear Become Lingerie?
The terms ‘underwear’ and ‘lingerie’ can typically be used to describe the same thing. It’s what you’re wearing under your[...]
10 Best Lingerie Scenes From Films
Lingerie can be sexy, pretty, exciting, alluring and a major confidence booster for the wearer. What it most definitely is,[...]
Love In Vein
Hepsibah was a very public-spirited person. She liked to do the right thing. So when her local hospital announced a[...]
Alternative Valentine’s Date Ideas For The Modern Romantic
Valentine's day is not for everyone. The shops are packed with cards, balloons, teddies and chocolates and some people do[...]
The Future of Valentine’s Day
Let’s take a trip to the future, the not too distant future actually. Picture the scene: Valentine’s Day 2035 and a[...]
8 Swimwear Styles of 2017 You Need to Try for Your Winter Break
When winter comes around, chances are the last thing you’re thinking of is sporting a bikini around a beach. However,[...]
What’s The Best Lingerie For Your Body Shape? [Infographic]
Dressing to your body shape can be frustrating when you've yet to work out what style and cut suits you best.[...]
9 Subtle & Not-So-Subtle Ways To Remind Your Partner You Haven’t Had Sex In A While
Many of us are under the misguided notion that the right relationship should be easy, when, in real fact, all[...]
Do women really wear sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day?
Lingerie. We all wear it. And let’s face it – we all like to feel sexy too. After all, sexy[...]
Lingerie to Wear on a First Date
Well well well – a first date! Ok, let’s cut to the chase: chances are – unless you’re shiny and[...]
What’s The Best Lingerie To Wear Under Leggings?
Lingerie forms the basis of any properly assembled outfit, and is responsible for creating the desired curves and shaping you[...]
Date Night: New Year’s Resolutions in the Bedroom
Whatever your opinion on New Year's resolutions, we can all surely agree that making a promise to yourself to improve[...]
10 Lingerie Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making And How To Fix Them [Infographic]
Turns out a lot of us are prone to making mistakes when it comes to getting our bits and bobs[...]
How to Host the Best Christmas Party
Christmas is coming and with it, the festivities of eating, drinking and being merry. As your social schedule gets busier[...]
Everything You Need To Know About Mistletoe
It’s a pretty odd thing to do, hanging mistletoe up once a year and kissing underneath it for good luck. Like[...]
7 Unique Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas That Aren’t Sexy Santa
Christmas is swiftly approaching and with it the rise of many red suits with a white fur trim. As your[...]
Date Night: A Christmas Themed Date Night
It's the time of year for manic late night Christmas shopping, remembering your wrapping techniques and negotiating plans with work,[...]
Christmas Lingerie Buying Guide
If you’re purely looking to buy some nice lingerie, either for yourself or your partner, then perhaps our lovely Lingerie Buying Guides will give you the best advice (links to these are at the bottom of this article). However, if you are wanting to put the spice back into the mulled wine of life this festive season, then read on through our Christmas Lingerie Buying Guide.
Lingerie Buying Guide Part 3 – Buying Lingerie To Wear For Your Partner
We all know how to buy a bra set, we wear them every day. But they aren’t exactly the sexiest[...]
Does Your Lingerie Material Matter?
Choosing the material of the clothes you wear on a regular basis is an important factor when it comes to[...]
4 Lingerie Style Fads That Should Have Never Taken Off
We've all made our fair share of fashion faux-pas over the years, whether you were the proud (or not so[...]
Date Night: 7 Cheap Date Ideas
It can be hard to come up with ideas of how you and your partner should spend time together, as funds[...]
How To Pronounce Lingerie and Other French Underwear
To avoid any 'faux-pas' (fo-pa) when ordering underwear, we've put together a helpful guide to getting by when dabbling in[...]
7 Sexual Looking Flowers If You Need A Laugh
It seems that nowadays, sexual looking flowers are indulging dirty minds everywhere. Who doesn’t love to giggle at phallic foliage[...]
Lingerie Buying Guide Part 2 – Buying Lingerie For Your Partner
No longer do we have to have to feel awkward perusing bra sets in high street shops. Lingerie shopping can[...]
Lingerie Buying Guide Part 1 – Buying Lingerie For Yourself
It’s the ultimate ‘me time’ – buying beautiful lingerie for yourself – but when do you get the chance to[...]
How To Wear A Bodystocking
To a bodystocking virgin, it is not impossible to imagine this marvellous creation as an implement of lingerie torture - entrapping the wearer in a tangle of fishnet and lace whilst exposing our fine forms in the most unflattering of places. In fact, the bodystocking couldn’t be more different. With the right selection, this fabulous one-piece not only controls those unwanted bulges - it’s wonderful to wear under that LBD and is actually perfectly practical. It can be the most seductive of lingerie, subtly revealing and tempting your lover, offering a hint of skin through erotic and sheer materials. What’s not to love?
The Great Turn On
It was a clear night. Inky dark sky. Stars twinkling in an obligingly picturesque fashion, just as anyone could have[...]
Date Night: How To Incorporate Costumes In The Bedroom
As our lives become ever busier it can be hard to find time to tick everything off on our 'To[...]